Winter Bloodsuckers

groundhog - winter bloodsuckers - jodi ralstonNo, the above is not a title for a fiction snippet, but a comment on the day.

That is, for being in the depths of winter, the mosquitoes sure are bad.  Did the groundhog predict that?

I sat outside today, soaking up the sun.  I hibernate at work during the weekdays, so I don’t have much natural vitamin D exposure.  I had a book on beginning programming I was studying, and there is nothing better than curling up in a chair, out in the sun, with good–i.e, interesting–book.  The dog sat on a lawn chair beside me, heedless of the choice decor the birds had left behind on it.

He was less heedless of the mosquito probing for blood along his belly.mosquito - winter bloodsuckers - jodi ralston

I swatted the pest away, thinking it a fluke.  It’s winter, after all.  Winter and delicate insects like that don’t mix, right?

Wrong.  It felt more like spring today, in low seventies, and the bugs must have thought it good time to stretch their wings too.  You hear about bears being hungry when woken from hibernation.  Mosquitoes hatching out of season must be too.  The breeze was too light to keep them away.  Eventually, my four-footed companion surrendered his territory to the winged vermin.

I, and my Dummies book, toughed it out a while longer.  I had a batch of homemade bug repellent, bought last summer, to keep the mosquitoes away.

studying - winter bloodsuckers - jodi ralstonDidn’t do the trick.

I had a throw I wore like a reverse shawl, minimizing skin exposure.

Didn’t do the trick.

But I was stubborn.  I got twenty pages in, and I don’t know how many vitamin Ds, before I slunk off after my dog.

Worth it though.  Sun bugs love sun, and I am a consummate, self-proclaimed sun bug.  Just not usually winter.  Because I’m not a winter bug.

Too bad mosquitoes, this year, are.

sunshine - winter bloodsuckers - jodi ralston

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