Sick Day, Fortunate Day?

sick day fortunate day smallerWell, I went home sick today.  Thought it was a cold; turns out it was just really bad allergies.  I’m not too bad if I’m upright and awake, but lying down and horizontal, then my lungs become hourly alarm clocks.  Fun stuff.

Napoleon Hill* says nature sends you to bed through a “fortunate spell of sickness,” that we should look on a sick spell as new lease on life.

I’m trying.  I’m really trying.  But the pollen and mold, and the desire to run a roto-rooter down my nasal passages and into my lungs, isn’t making it easy.

I get his point though.  I’m not a big pill taker.  I hate medicine.  But in the past, while at certain job, my stress and anxiety were so strong, I got on medicine to fix it.  But that was the problem– it didn’t fix anything.  Not being in that job did, almost instantly.

Sometimes mold is mold.  But then again, mold counts can be high for a while before it finds nice bed of stress to settle in.  My wake-up call?  I’ve got to go slower before another bout of illness forces me to.  I think that is what Hill is saying.  Change your life before you have the added misery of an illness that forces you to.
* In Chapter 5 of You Can Work Your Own Miracles

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