Change Yourself Through . . . Story?

change yourself through storyStories matter.

There are many books out there that talk about the psychology of and the business uses of this concept.  But after starting yet another book before I finished any others, I came across that topic again.  The power of story.  And since it came after starting another book on habits, something connected.  (That is why I forgive my habit of starting many books before I finish one.)

I find stories inspiring and motivational and educational.  I am reading and studying, on-and-off again, a biography about Steve Jobs.  I just started a business self-help book on an entrepreneur with a philanthropic mission.  Surprisingly, I am highlighting a lot of useful information in the biography of Sully, a suck-you-in, Kindle-deal find about the pilot who landed a plane on the Hudson.

My restlessness to find a biographical approach to motivation came about as I slowly wrap up Sully.  So in my grab-bag (a bag of books I take with me while I feed my skin sunshine and fresh air), I chose Start Something that Matters by Mycoskie.  It came just after my purchasing the full ebook of Habit Stacking by Scott, but I was too antsy to read instructional stuff when my sinuses–and brain–were slowly unclogging themselves.  And voila: a synthesis of ideas.

Can you use the power of story to create habits in oneself, to create change in oneself?

I don’t know, but it feels possible.  It feels right.  It feels worth exploring.

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