No More Chocolate: Day 1

no more chocolateA fourteen-day chocolate fast inspired by A Year of No Sugar, a stepping stone to becoming Added-Sugar-Free (Mostly!). 

Day 1 (May 1), I noticed sugar-deprivation headache in the afternoon.  So I had a third, non-breakfast halo orange to combat it.  I tried to read one of the other books responsible for my resolution (Think and Grow Rich Action Pack), but I couldn’t concentrate on it.

Couldn’t.  Concentrate.  On.  The.  Book.

readingNow I’ve been too tired and sleepy to read (this wasn’t that), and I’ve been too bored or confused by the material (nope), and too sick (nada).  But the last time I just couldn’t concentrate on a book was when I mixed two essential oils together to combat ADHD and made my symptoms worse until it wore off.  To me, reading is like breathing.  Like that time I caught a horrendous cold, and the congestion gave me a taste of what asthma must feel like.  That gives you an idea of how integral reading is to my life.

Yet what was my response to this thankfully brief state of emergency?  “I think I am having sugar issues.”  That a surging desire to get off added sugar and chocolate as much as I can.

I felt better a few minutes after the halo and guzzling some water.  I might have been dehydrated.  Dunno.

napIt might also have been affecting my energy levels, but I’ve been sleepier the week before too, and I didn’t try tampering with my sugar addiction then.  Just something to keep an eye on.

But why am I doing this?  To prove I can do it.  I know I can.  I need to exercise my confidence.  I need to exercise my “can dos” not “cannots” for a while.

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