No More Chocolate: Day 2

no more chocolateA fourteen-day chocolate fast A permanent break with chocolate, inspired by A Year of No Sugar, a stepping stone to becoming Added-Sugar-Free (Mostly!). 

Day 2 (May 2).

I noted yesterday that I was pondering my sleepiness habits.  What I didn’t note was that it lead to a long nap that day.

Long naps are fine for kindergarteners, not for thirty-some-olds.  My morning reflection?  Willpower can force changes in diet and habits, but it cannot force a good night’s sleep.  Oh, well.

The cravings for chocolate started in the morning.  When I was getting off soda, my tastebuds became eidetic, recounting in exquisite, salivating detail what I was missing out on.  I was getting this too.  And it was spreading.  Even my fingers turned against me, recounting how wonderful it was to unwrap the aluminum foil on a Hershey Kiss.  Traitors.

Then I got to thinking.  I’m not really touching my sugar habits; in fact, I turn to suckers and other sweet treats while I am on this fast.  So why am I having such severe symptoms.  Uh oh.  Google confirmed it.

Q: “How much caffeine in Hershey Kisses?”

A: An individual cocoa bean, the key ingredient in chocolate, is 0.1 to 0.7% caffeine by mass. The amount of caffeine that in a serving of chocolate candy is not extraordinary. A serving of Hershey’s Kisses contains 11 mg of caffeine, roughly a one-third of the caffeine in a soft drink (Source: io9).

Google is not my friend. 

No caffeine is not my friend.  Boy, was I furious.  It was one of the hardest things I had ever done to get off caffeine (through six cans of soda daily for 30 years of life).  I was so proud I had succeeded.  Off soda, onto water, for a few years now, despite the fact I still sometimes crave it in my dreams or when I hear ice crackle under my former sweet ambrosia.  I didn’t even drink it that way, but I don’t especially fancy foil either, yet yesterday I was prepared to write an ode to it because of its association with my favorite temptation.

wanna cup of caffeine to go with thatBut like the cat that couldn’t stay away, it slunk back in.  I was probably getting at least a full soda’s worth of caffeine a day from Kisses.

Napoleon Hill, in Think and Grow Rich, talks about burning your boats–or in other words, leave yourself no possible way of retreat.  Win or perish.  Exclamation point.  A fast is not enough.  I’ve tried moderation with chocolate; I always backslide.  I think it has has to be all or nothing.

No, I know it has to be.

And I can do it.

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