No More Chocolate: Day 4

no more chocolateA fourteen-day chocolate fast A permanent break with chocolate, inspired by A Year of No Sugar, a stepping stone to becoming Added-Sugar-Free (Mostly!). 

Day 4 (May 4).

“There is no nutritional need for caffeine. It can be avoided in the diet” (Source: Medlineplus).

I need to get that tattooed on my body somewhere–or henna tattooed, since I’m not into pain, but I am into pretty impermanent art.

But I got past Day 3.  I think the third day in diet changes is probably the hardest.  I survived that, and the cravings are less.

Yet I am still sleepy during the days, and I have the end of the day slump.  That’s more than physical fatigue; it’s mental.  It’s the insidious voice that says, “Maybe you can’t do this,” especially after seeing chocolate everywhere, even in pics to make blog art.  God, the pics.
become a morning person mentally


Just no.

Lesson learned: mornings are great for motivation and goal-setting; evenings are great for doubt.  Become a morning person.  And stop looking at chocolate pictures!

I can do this.

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