I love weird, and that is what I write and use Chiaroscuro House LLC to publish: weird fantasy. Whether it is a world based off a faux-Regency setting or a Lovecraft-inspired monster, the offbeat and the unusual have infected my fiction. The other important thing that affects my fiction is that while I take inspiration from real-world history none of my stories are set in our world. They are all secondary-world fantasies.

If you would like to read more about my weirdness, world by world, check out the briefs below. You will also find links to each series on the left. I appreciate any and all comments, either about my works or the site. If you feel so inclined, send an email to authoress AT chiaroscurohouse DOT com. Otherwise, enjoy the reading more about my works.

New World series.

  • Genre: A blend of Lovecraftian horror and fantasy.
  • Setting: Faux-19th Century, mostly Regency based.
  • Summary: When a new continent slides into existence besides the "known world," it seems like a land of opportunity. But when people look deeper, it turns out to be anything but.